Rental Systems

Adapting to your every need

We know it can be tough to have all the right equipment on hand. That’s why we offer a full line of new and used irrigation systems, pipelines, pumps, and filters for agricultural construction, emergency, and wastewater.


Our stores remain stocked with various kinds of pipe and fittings. The following systems can be rented:

  • Steel
  • Aluminum Portal Systems 
  • HDPE (High Density Polyethylene)
  • Quick Coupling Systems (Latch, Victaulic, Ringlock, Flanged, Certa-Lok, Bauer Style)
  • Road Crossings
  • Water Stands


Aluminum pipe has many advantages in irrigation systems, where it is typically used in solid set systems, handmove systems, and portable pipelines. Mobile, quick to install aluminum systems are used for germination, water transport, irrigation systems for leased or rented ground, dust and fire suppression emergencies, soil moisture mitigation or fumigation and mitigation of hard/cloddy ground. These types of systems can be ordered and installed within hours or just a few days.


Introduced and developed by Jim Clare, CEO of Pacific Southwest Irrigation, Certa-Lok is an efficient and durable portable irrigation system. We keep an extensive inventory of fittings and pipe, as Certa-Lok has a steady demand equal to that of drip systems and solid set systems.


Polyethylene includes High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE), Medium Density Polyethylene (MDPE), and drip hose. HDPE pipe is commonly used in irrigation because of its durability, flexibility, zero susceptibility to leaks, and does not corrode or become brittle in low temperatures. Unlike PVC or stainless steel pipe, HDPE can be joined seamlessly. MDPE has the same advantages of HDPE, but is slightly more flexible and is less dense than HDPE. Drip hose, another category of polyethylene, is used for many types of crops, including trees, vines, and row crops.


Rental items include turbine, short-coupled turbine, submersible, and centrifugal powered by electricity, diesel, propane, or solar.


Filtration is a major component of any pressurized system. Well-designed and specified filtration systems are a specialty of the company. PSWI stocks and services all filters, including gravity screens, screen filters, vacuum assist automated screens, disc filters, sand separators, sand media filters, traveling or rotating trash screens, self-cleaning suction screens, and simple trash barriers.


We maintain an inventory of stock items used by food processors and also rent and install wastewater systems. Pacific Southwest has designed and built irrigation systems both temporary and permanent to help processing plants with the distribution and transfer of wastewater.


Available rental items commonly used by private construction contractors and state public works. In the past, Certa-Lok pipe has been reliable for water-related emergencies.